Soft serve

Everyone has a soft spot for soft serve...

Soft serve is made using a soft serve liquid mixture. This mix is added to a soft serve machine where it is churned and frozen to create the soft serve ice cream. The soft serve mix is easily distributed and has a 12 day shelf life.

Soft serve ice cream is often served in cups or cones. The cup or cone is swirled under the soft serve machine to produce a tower of ice cream with a soft curl on top. Soft serve is also served with a variety of toppings and dips and it can be made in a variety of flavours. Syrups, wafers and flakes can also be added for a delicious sweet treat.

Snowserv specialises in a variety of top quality soft serve ice cream mixtures including three variations of vanilla, strawberry, lime and our unique cocoa based flavoured chocolate soft serve. We also produce a Shake mix which can only be dispensed from a shake mix machine .

As one of the few soft serve ice cream manufacturers in the country, we ensure that our soft serve mix is made from only the best quality raw materials: whey powder, buttermilk powder , milk blend, stabilizers and emulsifiers, white sugar , vegetable fat, glucose liquid and permitted flavourants and colourants. Our ingredients are sourced locally and internationally ensuring an optimum product.

We are renowned for tailor making our soft serve mix to suit the needs of our clients. This is especially prevalent in the franchise chains where their soft serve icecream is seen as a differentiator. Snowserv understands that our customers need to serve the best quality soft serve, and we aim to deliver customised flavours should there be sufficient demand.

    Snowserv has the following Soft Serve Mixtures available:

  • Vanilla Standard
  • Strawberry Standard
  • Lime Standard
  • Vanilla Special
  • Strawberry Special
  • Lime Special
  • Vanilla Super
  • Strawberry Super
  • Chocolate Super
  • Lime Super
  • Shake Mix

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